CCL has the stamp of approval from Food Cert.BV-Netherlands-FSS-Food Safety System, in January 2004 for compliance with the Dutch National Board of Experts. The qualified System standard declares that it covers the company's activities of procurement of green coffee, storage, processing of Instant Soluble Coffee (cleaning, roasting, extraction, drying, agglomeration and soluble coffee storage) including packing, packed product storage and dispatch.


CCL has also obtained the British Retail Consortium – BRC Certificate and IFS, a stringent Quality Certificates which enables it to market its products in the UK and European supermarkets.


CCL can offer its customers speciality products with the following certifications:


Organic Certification


Organic coffee is produced by management practices which help to conserve and/or enhance soil structure, resilience and fertility by use of cultivation practices that use only non-synthetic nutrients and plant protection methods.


Further, though many producers grow coffee without use of synthetic agrochemicals, this passive approach is not sufficient to consider the produce organic in the absence of credible certification by an accredited certification agency.


CCL Products is in a position to provide credible certification from an accredited certification agency for our organic coffee products.


Fair Trade Certification


The Fair Trade organization works to ensure fair income / fair price to the farmers and workers and to responsibly address the problems of coffee farmers, workers in several developing countries. Offering fair price ensures all-round development of coffee farmers and their families in developing/ underdeveloped regions in Africa and Latin America.


The spirit of Fair Trade is:


  • Giving fair income / fair price to the farmers & workers, as well as;
  • Giving opportunity for fair consumption (consumption without exploiting the farmer/ worker).


Rainforest Alliance Certification


This certification is granted by the Rainforest Alliance, after an independent third party awards its seal of approval, guaranteeing consumers that the products they are buying are the result of practices carried out according to a specific set of criteria, balancing ecological, economic and social considerations.


Rainforest Alliance certification is a comprehensive process that promotes and guarantees improvement in agriculture and forestry. CCL is committed to sustainable development and we are in a position to offer certification to the effect that our coffee was produced in compliance with strict guidelines protecting the environment, wildlife, workers and local communities.




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